About US.

Founded in 2018 by Mike S. Father of two, Veteran, Police Officer, Fitness Athlete that has found a passion in giving back to the active performance lifestyle. Threaded Clothing  focuses on building a community for all that want the best in Performance / Active / Lifestyle Apparel.


Who are you behind THRD?
Arizona Based Performance Lifestyle Apparel Clothing with a passion and love for fitness. Over 10+ years in the fitness and performance industry. We want to help inspire people to live a health lifestyle. We all have a reason and my reason to give back to people is to make sure they get the best in performance apparel.  

Why start THRD?
This brand began because of desire to develop clothing for 1st responders. A want to design clothing Performance / Lifestyle / Active Apparel to withstand any adverse situation it may come up against. Giving back to the men and woman that risk it all on a daily bases and the local community. Performance Lifestyle Apparel designed to be used in all versatile fashions of your lifestyle.